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                          My Story

Music was introduced to me at a very young age, and it’s something that also has been in my family for generations. It is at this moment that I started to appreciate the hard work put into creating music/art. I stopped playing for a while but recently, I've re-dedicated my life to music and it’s been something that feels like home to me. Playing Piano, Synths, Drums, or even singing are parts all of me that i aim to bring into the world. 

Over the years, I've gotten into music production, and Gigging. I believe that creating music that people can connect to is a way for us to be better and grow as a community. I also believe that music education is something that can help us all grow as people which is why teaching piano/music theory is something that I`ve gotten into as well.

My band " Stolen Property " began as my 1st project, and we've done a ton of Gigs/shows together. My latest band " The Creatives " is a group of friends/musicians who enjoy playing and creating music. Our styles of music range from Blues, Funk, Neo-Soul, Soul, R&B, Funk, Rock, Gospel, indie and many more. Stay Tuned for our Gig Dates, and other performances!

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